Monday, 20 June 2011

"Who are you?... And what's this all about?!"

Good questions!

Well first an introduction: My name is Mat Keller and I am, amongst other things, a photographer, a designer, an art director, a film geek, a music lover, a father, a modern man but most importantly a lover of vintage clothing & classic style (and everything that comes along with the retro way of life).

That's me on the right ;-)

Some of you may already know me as the photographer behind the Southern Retro collection or through the Brighton retro/rockabilly scene.

Why start a blog?
A few months ago, thanks in the most part to the amazing people I've meet doing portrait sessions for Southern Retro, I started to get serious about my everyday appearance and make the move from just making the effort to look my best on special occasions to taking pride in my appearance on a day-to-day basis.
So I started looking round on the internet and in magazines for as many hints and tips that I could find on things such as; ways of finding vintage or vintage inspired reproduction clothing for men; styling tips and correct ways of wearing various items, what goes with what etc... and do you know what I found?
Very little in fact not much at all.

During this search I came across a relatively new magazine called "Vintage Life". Now you would imagine with an all encompassing name like that this magazine would be aimed at Vintage fans of all sexes, but having signed up for my first copy I was very disappointed to find that the magazine was aimed solely at Women (The fact their website [] makes no mention of this annoys me to this day).

So I voiced my feeling about this on Twitter
and my frustration at the lack of style magazines or fashion blogs for Men into vintage and retro styled clothing. The replies I received, although well meant, just added to my frustration... the only magazines anyone could mention were The Chap and Milkcow, both of which I get on a regular basis and both of which offer me (and a lot of men I know I might add) no help on fashion and style (except for a certain sub-set in the pure sartorial sense in the case of the Chap), as as for male bloggers...

So, after a suggestion by a friend on Facebook I started thinking that maybe, as there is universally NOTHING out there aimed at retro men, that I would put my thoughts and findings out there for other men to discover (and hopefully contribute to) as I continue my own style journey.

After sounded out the idea on close friends, the reaction I received has lead me to here... the first article on "Tales of a Southern Retro - A retrospective man's guide to mid-century life".

Hopefully over the coming weeks I'll be adding some things to the site that fellow retro men (and perhaps women too) might find useful or insightful.

If you have any comments or suggestions on subjects you'd like me to research and talk about feel free to add your voice below.

Most importantly.. SPREAD THE WORD!

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  1. Very excited about this!!!

    You are so right, there is nothing out there for men, but Dave has quite the collection of mid century literature on men's fashions, and styling guides and rules of men's dress codes, so you should pop on over soon and have a rummage :)

    looking forward to reading your next articles!

    Catch up soon



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