Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Whistle-Stop Tour

Last week I had the privilege of meeting six very lovely people... and it only took a 350 mile round trip to do so!

Yes, Tuesday 30th August saw me running round like a blue-arse fly getting my studio equipment ready for a short but sweet trip to the city of Norwich where I had arranged a whistle-stop tour of the aforementioned lovely people's houses and have them sit for me for the Southern Retro project.

Norwich Day One

I jumped in the ol' car at 8.45am and by 12.10pm I arrived at the house of the delightful Ms Gemma Seager aka Retro Chick (Okay, I might have bent a few speed limits to get there, but to be fair it was a very clear road... and you gotta love American cars and their cruise-control).

As she mentions in her own blog post, she wasn't quite ready for me, assuming that the traffic would cause me problems, so after a short delay and a cup of tea I set up and we did the shoot.

An out-take from Gemma's Shoot
(sorry.. had to be done) :-)

Then from Gemma's it was into the centre of town to check-in to my B&B for the night, the unique and surprisingly peaceful 38 St Giles. I literally had time to dump my luggage on the bed before heading out again to grab a quick lunch and hop back in the car to drive to the home of hair-stylist Flamingo Amy.

An hour-and-a-half and yet another car journey later I was at the home of Kerry Clark aka Missy Vintage. Thankfully she put the kettle on and after a cup of tea and a good natter I set up and we did my 3rd and final shoot of the day.

Back at the B&B I set to work transferring all the days shoots onto my laptop in order to clear the memory cards for the next days shoot, leaving myself only a paltry 10 minutes spare to get changed and head across the road to the cocktail lounge of the St Giles House Hotel for a few drinks with Gemma, Kerry and my next three subjects Lucy Santos aka Glamourologist, and Karen and Graham Welton from Blue Skies Vintage.

Norwich Day Two

The stairway at 38 St Giles

After a peaceful nights sleep and a filling breakfast at 38 St Giles I checked out, packed up the car, and headed over to Lucy's house for the first shoot of the day where I was once again confronted by my arch-nemesis - The Mirror. You see when you're doing shoots with a single light set up and a soft-box it's very difficult to shoot a subject standing in front of a mirror without getting;
  • The large white square of the soft box
  • Yourself
  • Both into the shot. 
Thankfully I managed it and the shots have come out great!

From Lucy's it was a five minute drive down the road to see Karen and Graham. Graham and I share a passion for all things USAAF especially the 8th Air Force and he delighted me by getting out some of his original uniform pieces, a flying jacket he'd dug up from one of the nearby WWII airfields and an original (decommissioned obviously) Thompson sub-machine gun which are damned heavy I can tell you... How they used to schlep across the Pacific islands carrying one of those for months-on-end I don't know!

When we'd finished the shoot, Karen and Graham kindly took me back into Norwich for a lovely lunch at Biddy's Tea Room then for a wander round Looses Antiques Market before I once again jumped in the trusty ol' PT for some Big Band swing and the journey back to Brighton.

I definitely plan to return to Norwich soon and not just for the lovely company.

If you want to check out what goes on there have a look at Gemma, Lucy and Kerry's Vintage Norwich website, and if you are already in the area don't miss the next Marvellous Cocktail Party on the 4th November!

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  1. It would be lovely if you could come back at some point! At the very least I owe you a cocktail for not including one of my out takes! :O) (Sorry Gemma!)


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