Friday, 21 October 2011

Mo' Better November

First off sorry for not blogging in a while - that part of real life called 'work' got it in the way a bit - plus I've been trying to write the next style guide for the 1930s and it's a darn tricky one so taking a long time, in the meantime...

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen me mention that next month I will be taking part in a little thing called "Movember".

The idea behind Movember is to grow yourself a moustache (the 'Mo in Movember) and thus become a month long billboard to raise awareness of Men's health issues and to garner sponsorship money to donate to charities that research into prostate and testicular cancer.

I've been meaning to take part in Movember for the last couple of years but a few things got in the way (not least of which was the birth of my Daughter 2 years ago) so this year I had no excuse and signed-up.

Now I'm no stranger to facial hair... over the years I've grown a variety of weird and wonderful facial adornments - goatees, soul patches, chin straps, even the biggest pair of Wolverine style lamb chops you ever did see, but I've never had the moxie to grow just a moustache.

...actually that's a bit of a half truth. Let me explain; For my 30th Birthday many moons ago we threw an 80s themed fancy-dress party - the actual theme was based around the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - and I decided to go as an gangster (in the vein of Scarface) and on the night of the party, without the knowledge of my house-mates at the time, I decided to shave my goatee into a handlebar moustache!

And here it is in all it's glory (laugh away people.. laugh away):

Truth is I actually fell in love with it a bit and for the next couple of months cultivated it into a proper Lemmy, but those days are long behind me.
Consequently I've thought long and hard about what 'Mo I would grow for this years Movember and I've decided that I will be trying to emulate the following:

If you would like to support me in  my endeavour please head over to my Movember page here: and click on that "Donate" button.

I will of course be blogging about my progress as well as endlessly badgering you all to sponsor me during the next few weeks of cultivation.


1 comment:

  1. Bring on the Moustache!

    Looking forward to seeing how you progress :) hehe. And also on the 1930s Mens Guide, so get typing please!


    PS - come visit us soon!


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