Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tales of a 'tash - The Final Furlong

Well it's nearly over... November is coming to a close so this is will be my last update on the Movember moustache growing (and I can get back to the task in hand of more posts on Men's style!).

We are now at +29 days of growth and the 'tash is fighting fit AND officially award winning!

Yes, that's right... after attending the Brighton Movember Gala Parté last Wednesday dressed in my USAAF officers uniform (to match the Pencil 'tash naturally) I won "Best Mo in Character" :-)

Here's me just before heading out (unfortunately the light's so bad you can't see the 'tash).
I was hoping to grab some of the pictures shot by the Movember guys on the night but they are understandably busy.

There's still a little time left so if you haven't already donated to my campaign so please head over to my Movember page here: http://mobro.co/southernretro and click on that "Donate" button.

A big "Thank You" to everyone who has donated so far, I haven't raised much but every little helps.


  1. Well done on your award winning mo! You don't think you'll keep it then?!


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