Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Fun with Fleur

A few weeks ago I offered my services to the fabulous Fleur De Guerre as a male manikin (I hasten to use the word 'model') so she could dress me up in vintage style Halloween clobber for a shoot she'd been asked to do by o2. The shoot was part of their #lookscary launch campaign for the Blackberry Curve Red phone.

All in good fun I spent the afternoon dressing up as Gomez Adams, a Zombie James Dean and most bazaarly of all having a huge green apple painted on my face to be the subject of Magritte's "The Son of Man"!

Head over to her blog to see the final results of the shoot: but in the meantime here's some behind-the-scenes shots I took for your enjoyment:

My Zombie James Dean look

The lovely Fleur and her Dali Ants

Make-up artist Louise Dartford painting the Ants on Fleur

A close-up of a pair of legs... I mean a line of ants! ;-)

Shooting Fleur

Fleur's Dali The Ants inspired outfit

Make-up artist Louise Dartford doing blogger Emily Divine's make-up

Fleur's witch and Emily's Wednesday Addams

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  1. Since the theme of their party is Halloween, they can also use a pair of shirt and pants as well as bloody body paint to make them more of a zombie creature.

    Pedro Andrews


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