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A Year in the Vernacular - Summer 2012

As a photographer is very rare that I get in front of the camera (in fact it's only happened a few times, but more on that in another post), so the only pictures I ever see of myself are taken by others and are most often snapshots of days out or more increasingly through social media such as Instagram.

In photography parlance we call this the Vernacular:

So I thought I'd share with you, over a series of posts, my last year (and a bit) of life taken through the lenses of others.

July 2012

The summer started with a visit to the Chap Olympiad.

I wore a wing-collared shirt and tie, an 1941 dated dinner jacket and these vintage 1930s resin sunglasses which sadly, due to my putting them in my pocket and forgetting about them, didn't last the day and ended up in a million pieces.

A few of the vintage crowd (namely Gemma & Pete, Charly & Phil, Margaret, Lena, Charlotte and Cathy) had organised to bring food for a bit of a picnic... naturally due to the unsettled forecast Gemma & Pete had brought along their pop-up gazebo as both shelter from the sun and the impending rain. Of course we became the envy of all the other attendees who kept coming by to eat are food and drink our booze.

In fact here is photographic evidence of Miss Naomi Thompson 'borrowing' some of my smuggled in gin ;-)

I'd travelled up to London with a group of other attendees including fellow photographer Russ Bell who was celebrating his 40th birthday at the Olympiad...

...and fellow Brightonian (and my first Southern Retro subject) Donna Grimaldi

The War & Peace Show 

The next weekend I packed the family (and the new family tent) into the car and drove to Kent for the War & Peace Show.

Here's Marla and I posing in front of said new family tent! I'm wearing a 20s American style spearpoint collar shirt and working man's button braces from Darcy Clothing, a 40s silk tie, pearl inset tie clip, my pin stripe 40s style trousers (made from an original pattern) and a pair of 40s round frame glasses turned into sunglasses by Dead Men's Spex.

Here's me cooking bacon sandwiches in the morning wearing my trusty moss-stitch cardigan which I bought from the X-Large store in New York in 1997! Khaki cotton twill trousers from Bill's Khakis.

July ended with a trip down the Black Dove for my friends Lauren, Justin and Oli's night The Devil's Music!

Here's me and fellow vintage Brightonian Steve trying to decide what cocktail to have next! Check out the sun-burn... I was literally glowing.

August 2012

After an uneventful birthday (I honestly can't remember what I did! But I did get an amazing present, but more on that another time) I once again packed the family tent into the car.
This time, rather selfishly, I left Marla and the heavily pregnant Lady Wife at home for the entire August Bank Holiday weekend and headed up to the Twinwood festival in Bedfordshire with my friend Amanda Walderman of Brighton Lindyhoppers.

The Twinwood Lindyhop crew: Heloise, Kevin, Amanda, Jennie & Me. I'm wearing a RAF blue spearpoint collar shirt & working man's button braces from Darcy's, a vintage silk tie and original 30s tie bar.

A final snapshot before we jumped in the car and headed home. Yet another spearpoint collar shirt from Darcy's here, with a 40s silk tie and a late 40s SF college letterman cardigan.

September 2012

In September, on the spur of the moment, I was asked by Lizzie from Sussex Swing to join her and her performance crew in dancing during the open ceremony of the Goodwood Revival. The dancing was organised by the RAC so here we are posing on their stand.

I wore my reproduction USAAF flight uniform and original 1940s pilot's aviator sunglasses.

That's it for the Summer... next up Autumn 2012!

All images copyright and courtesy of: Cathy Stevens Carey, Margaret Davidson, Russ Bell, Rebecca Hill, Amanda Walderman, Annalisa Dovey & Tina Kitcher.


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