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A Year in the Vernacular - Autumn 2012

Following on from my previous post, here is the next instalment of my last year (and a bit) of life taken through the lenses of others.

This time it's Autumn 2012 - Including some Halloween style fun with Fleur, mucking about on a Natuzzi sofa in the middle of a vintage shop, Marla's first ride on a steam train and the birth of my son Bertie!

September 2012 (cont.)

I was asked by Italian sofa company Natuzzi to take part in their London Design Week exhibition - the brief for which was to photograph their new Brio sofa in an unusual setting in London to show a new side of both the sofa and the city. Naturally I used this yet again as an excuse to take photos of my vintage dressing friends!
We dropped the sofa into the middle of the Beyond Retro store in Brick Lane and Jason, Liz, Charly, Kerry, Georgie & Beth came to join me on the sofa doing "ordinary" things (such as eating chocolate and drinking tea, watching TV, doing make-up and talking on the phone and having a good natter over larger and crisps)... all whilst wearing their finest vintage Sunday best!

Here's me snapped by Georgie whilst giving Jason & Liz some direction.

...and here's the whole gang taken by one of the Beyond Retro staff on my camera.

With the unprecedented good weather we had in the Autumn (after that terrible Spring and early Summer full of rain) we had a lot of family days out to catch up on. Even a sunny Sunday morning was an excuse to take Marla out on her bike!

Here we are outside the house heading for the park... I'm in a pair of USAAF officer brown's from Seal Military,  brown & cream correspondents and a collegiate cardigan from Merc.

I just had to include these last pictures of Marla as she looks so sweet... she's actually wearing my slippers as you can see in the second photos (hence the reason for the photos).

As it was going to the last opportunity for a break before the impending birth, the Lady Wife, Marla and I headed down to Dorset for a long weekend. We stayed, once again, in the family tent at a place north of Dorchester called "Moonfleet farm". I was particularly excited about this because Moonfleet by J. Meade Falkner was one of my favourite books as a child... turns out though that the farm has nothing whatsoever to do with the book, ah well.

To make up for it we headed down to Swanage to go on the Swanage Steam Railway! Marla and I are both steam train fans (no influence from me... honest!) but this was the first opportunity we'd had to take her on a train of any kind, let alone an actual steam train! 

After a trip to the Imperial War Museum's Cecil Beaton War photography exhibition I was struck by how good his self portraits were so I had a go at my own! Not the best efforts I'll admit (it's quite hard to focus on the right features, look into the camera and not pull a grumpy face at the same time)

This is the picture I was trying to emulate:

October 2012

Before we prepared to settle in for the impending birth and the winter ahead, I headed up to London to join the fabulous Ms Fleur De Guerre in having a bit of fun doing a vintage style Halloween shoot for o2. You can read more about it here: http://talesofa.southernretro.com/2012/10/halloween-fun-with-fleur.html

Here's me dressed as a Zombie James Dean:

...and Fleur in a tribute to Salvador Dali's The Ants:

On the stroke of Midnight on the 25th/26th of October 2012 my little son Bertie was born.

Here he is: Herbert Alexander George Keller (named jointly after Mr H.G. Wells & my grandfather, great grandfather & great great grandfather George Keller)

I'm wearing a vintage button & loop sport shirt I brought at Twinwood.

I thought I'd also include these ones of Marla, Bert & I as I love the similarity between our expressions.

November 2012

As a final 'Harrah' to two thousand & twelve I headed out (on a school night no less) to a new vintagey night put on by Kitty Hill of South Coast Swing Events in aid of the EDS charity.
Here's me enjoying a little whiskey with those boys from Bad Bad Whiskey and the lovely Hayley Stella Browne.

Unusually for me, I'm out at a swing dance and not wearing a suit! Not even a shirt and Tie!
Instead i'm wearing what basically constitutes as underwear - a shirt sleeve working-man's vest made by High Cross, worn over a T-shirt.

That's it for the Autumn... next up Winter 2012/2013!

All images copyright Mathew Keller 2012. Final image courtesy of South Coast Swing.

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